About US

ORIGA in Greek means Charioteer. We want to be the charioteer of your growth at all times.

Guided by the philosophy of “Access to Finance”, ORIGA extends asset leasing solutions to enterprises that aim for business expansion. ORIGA puts more emphasis on innovation and high growth business model than on the credit history of the applicant. It thus acts as a growth engine for entities at all stages.

The leasing solutions offered by ORIGA to the entities help them build capacities that empower them financially to scale up and provide the last mile delivery of their services and goods in a highly effective manner.

We bridge the gap between new age businesses and traditional financing!


Entrepreneur-centric: We partner with entrepreneurs on a long term basis.

Integrity and Transparency: At ORIGA, integrity is the way of life. Our reputation is our capital. We exhibit transparency in all our activities.

Excellence: Excellence is a habit at ORIGA where we continuously strive to exceed the standards set by the industry. Our endeavour is to unceasingly chase perfection to meet up with excellence. We see obstacles as opportunities and work towards making the best of it.

Accountability: We believe that leadership demands accountability. Accountability is the adhesive that ties commitment to results. We are accountable for all our actions as agreed upon for the lease period and always find winning solutions to situations that may come up in due course of the tenure.

Teamwork: Teamwork begins by building trust which is evident in both the internal as well as external relationships that ORIGA nurtures.

Innovation: ORIGA aspires to become a leader in its area of operation and the one aspect which helps us achieve this is innovation. Our innovation is constantly directed towards improving our services and enhancing customer satisfaction. We work passionately to preserve our entrepreneurial spirit which has formed the foundation for ORIGA and keeps on fuelling our zest for innovation.